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Features of the Baltic Sea

From this lesson we learn why the Baltic Sea is the youngest, sweetest and shallowest in the world, as well as the coldest in Europe 

Features of the Baltic Sea

Lesson objectives

News - student

  • knows which countries are located at the Baltic Sea,
  • knows the history of the formation of the Baltic Sea
  • knows which microorganisms live in the Baltic Sea
  • knows why walks on the sea beach are healthy 


Skills - student

  • knows the stages of formation of the Baltic Sea,
  • knows the characteristics of the Baltic Sea,
  • knows what other sea is connected to the Baltic Sea


Attitudes - student

  • knows how to keep the beach clean,
  • knows how to take care of their own safety near the water,
  • knows why it is important to take care of the dunes.

Key terms

  • Baltic Ice Lake
  • Yoldia Sea
  • Ancylus Lake
  • Littorina Sea
  • Mya Sea
  • Phytoplankton
  • Phytobenthos
  • Iodine


Form of work

  • individual (homeschooling),
  • group (classroom activities).


Supporting materials

  • diploma upon completing the class.

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