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Fit as a fiddle - how much good is in fish

Mermaid shares the secret to good health and introduces you to the nutritional value of Baltic fish. 

Fit as a fiddle  - how much good is in fish

Lesson objectives

News - student

  • knows what the nutritional values of Baltic fish are,
  • knows how different nutrients affect the human body,
  • knows why it is more important to pay attention to the nutrients in food than to watch one's figure.


Skills - student

  • can compare how easily digestible fish are in comparison with meat of other animals,
  • can indicate the nutritional value of Baltic fish,
  • knows the term "seafood",
  • knows that a fillet is a fish without bones.


Attitudes - student

  • distinguishes between fatty acids that are good for health and those that are bad for the body,
  • know the eating habits of people in different parts of the world,
  • knows trends related to nutrition - e.g. flexitarians, vegetarians.


Key terms

  • nutritional values,
  • proteins,
  • fatty acids,
  • vitamins,
  • minerals.


Form of work

  • individual (homeschooling),
  • group (classroom activities).


Supporting materials

  • diploma upon completing the class.

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