Take part in the contest and win prizes

Submit your class to participate in the survey by 23 December 2021 and receive prizes for you and your students. 

Prizes in the form of Treasures of the Baltic Sea educational albums will be awarded to the classes which:
- took part in the activities, 
- completed the test after the class, 
- have completed creative and artistic works using any technique (the subject matter of the works is described below),
- have sent a set of necessary documents (photos documenting the course of the activities, the process and effect of creating artistic or creative works and scans of questionnaires) to the following address skarbybaltyku@naturalniebaltyckie.pl.

The minimum number of students that can enter the contest is 10 (you can combine two classes at the same stage of education). We have 3000 educational albums to give away. 


Step 1

Select the grade level for which you wish to download the surveys. Print them out in the quantity corresponding to the number of students. After completing three lessons at a given grade level, distribute the survey to students AFTER the lesson with a request to complete it. 

Step 2

Ask students to prepare a collaborative artistic-creative work. Document the process of creation and the results with photographs. The topics for the different levels of education can be found below.  

Step 3

A set of filled in questionnaires and photos from the course of artistic-creative activities should be sent by 23 December 2021 using free program wetransfer.com to the following address skarbybaltyku@naturalniebaltyckie.pl along with the mailing address for the prizes. Sending a set of surveys, photos creative works and the address for sending the prizes is equivalent to the registration of the class for participation in the project. You will receive confirmation of your entry by email within 5 working days. We will inform the winners about the dispatch of the prize.


Fish icon - Grades I-III

Grades I-III

Class artwork - underwater world of the Baltic Sea 
Collaborative, large-format artwork that shows the underwater kingdom of the Baltic Sea (any form). 

Download survey
Fish icon - Grades IV-VI

Grades IV-VI

Class artwork - we care about the waters of the Baltic Sea 
Collaborative, large-scale art work which shows ways of taking care of the waters of the Baltic Sea  (any form). 

Download survey
Fish icon - Grades VII - VIII

Grades VII - VIII

Creative class work - a campaign to promote healthy eating and fish consumption 
The class plans and implements a campaign on school premises to promote healthy eating and fish consumption. It can take any form (posters, radio, school newspaper, lessons for younger classes, leaflets, original presentations, etc.).

Download survey


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