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Debunking myths - about fish in our diet

In this class we will explore different examples of a diet based on fish products and look at myths about fish in the kitchen. We will also learn about the most important nutritional properties of the Baltic fish. 

Debunking myths - about fish in our diet

Lesson objectives

News - student

  • is aware of the nutritional properties of fish,
  • can determine if fish is a good choice for a meal,
  • knows simple ways of preparing a fish,
  • knows what to look for when choosing fish in the store.


Skills - student

  • knows what the Scandinavian and Mediterranean diets are like,
  • can say why fish is a good choice for a meal,
  • can explain why fish meat has better nutritional properties than meat from other animals.


Attitudes - student

  • knows how to take care of his/her health by giving up supplements,
  • is aware of the impact of a balanced diet on health,
  • is aware of how choosing fish from sustainable fisheries protects Baltic fish stocks.

Key terms

  • flexitarian
  • vegetarian
  • Scandinavian or Nordic diet
  • Mediterranean diet


Form of work

  • individual (homeschooling),
  • group (classroom activities).


Supporting materials

  • diploma upon completing the class.

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