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Not all fish are the same - about types of Baltic fish

Fish are a link in the huge food chain of the Baltic Sea, which also includes humans. In this lesson we will learn about the importance of the balance in this ecosystem  and how we can take care of the Baltic fish resources.

Not all fish are the same - about types of Baltic fish

Lesson objectives

News - student

  • can name the elements of the food chain in the Baltic Sea,
  • knows the place of humans and fish in the food chain,
  • knows how to protect fish.


Skills - student

  • knows the species of Baltic fish,
  • knows ways to protect Baltic fish,
  • knows what certifications take care of sustainable development of Baltic fish.


Attitudes - student

  • understands the importance of the conservation of Baltic fish,
  • is aware of the advantages of local products over imported ones,
  • chooses fish from reliable fisheries.

Key terms

  • phytobenthos
  • phytoplankton
  • ecosystem
  • avifauna


Form of work

  • individual (homeschooling),
  • group (classroom activities).


Supporting materials

  • diploma upon completing the class.

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