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Meet the inhabitants of the Baltic Sea

Poseidon invites you to the underwater kingdom. Thanks to him you will know the Baltic fish and their unique habits.

Meet the inhabitants of the Baltic Sea

Lesson objectives

News - student

  • knows fish that live in the Baltic Sea,
  • knows the function of gills, scales and fins,,
  • knows the characteristics of the most important species of Baltic fish..


Skills - student

  • can name the Baltic fish,
  • can explain how fish move,
  • can explain how fish breathe..


Attitudes - student

  • differentiates between fish that live in natural bodies of water and fish that are farmed,
  • knows that it is necessary to care for the recovery of Baltic fish populations.

Key terms

  • Baltic fish,
  • structure of fish,
  • freshwater fish,
  • diadromous fish,
  • shoal.


Form of work

  • individual (homeschooling),
  • group (classroom activities).


Supporting materials

  • diploma upon completing the class.

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